Recruiting Services

Premier Recruiting:

This option is for the practice owner that does not want the stress of searching, sorting or initially screening candidates themselves.  With this option you can have applicants pre-screened and only presented to you if they meet the job requirements you set forth.

The Premier Difference:

Staffing services from a clinician's perspective

An adage tells us, "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." What sets Premier and my recruiting option apart from recruiting agencies is the fact that I am a practicing Physician Assistant. This one distinction makes a world of difference.

Effective Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner recruiting does not occur in reading resumes and searching for keywords, the method used by recruiting agencies.

Rather, one must be experienced in staffing solutions, current events and legislature affecting practice owners and mid-level providers (Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners) and above all possess an understanding of medicine as a practice and business.

As such, I am proud to say with confidence that I possess all of the necessary attributes, needed to understand your practice's unique needs and find you your ideal Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner or medical professional. 

The Premier Advantage:

The Premier Recruiting Option provides you with:

Cost Effective Recruiting — Most healthcare recruiting agencies will charge you between 20-30% of the candidate's first year's salary for their services. That's roughly $13,000 - $30,000+

With my Premier Recruiting option, our clients receive high quality recruiting services at a fraction of the price charged by other healthcare recruiting agencies.

A Cinician's Perspective — As a practicing PA I bring a unique perspective and approach to all my recruiting clients. You can speak to me just like you would one of your colleagues and I'll get what you mean the first time around.

When you describe you medical practice's needs there will be no need to explain what the medical jargon you are using means. So lets say, you need an experienced bilingual PA that can fist assist on a fem-pop bypass and you'll hear from me "OK, I got you, let me find the best candidate for you!" Try that with a recruiting agency and all you'll hear is crickets

The Best Source for Bilingual Practitioners — We possess an impressive database of bilingual healthcare professionals actively seeking jobs.

Personalized Attention — When I recruit talent for your practice I can also schedule and coordinate interviews, provide and confirm references for all candidates and, if needed, will even help with contract negotiations. Not to mention I'll help you out with common practice questions like "What should I pay a PA?" "Do I have to cosign charts?" etc…

Guarantee — All our matches are backed by a 30 day guarantee.

Hiring a PA or NP for your practice shouldn't take you away from your patients.  

Hiring an experienced recruiter can solve the dilemma  of balancing your patient care responsibilities with the time it takes to screen applicants.